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Suddenly you're here
I feel Wicked...

I can't believe it, like seriously I still don't believe it. I have this horrible feeling that any second I will start my period and none of this will have been real. I don't think I can relax and just feel good until I see a doctor, which is today at 1pm.

So far all I have noticed is sore breasts, some fatigue and a little abdominal cramping. I've been craving bread, so much so that I ate two bowls of salad so I could eat extra croutons. Then I just started eating them out of the bag, prompting me to start calling our little embryo "Crouton". But I really love bread even when I'm not pregnant so I'm not sure that's a symptom. Based off my predicted ovulation and my last period I would think I'm between 4-5 weeks, so the symptoms I am having are about right.

Can't wait until I can just feel excited and not anxious



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