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I see you shiver with antici... pation
Lets Get Some Shoes...
This time of the process is always the most dreadful. The agony knowing there is nothing else to do now, and its just a waiting game. Every small thing your body goes through, you are sure is a sign that you are pregnant. The funny thing is the early signs of pregnancy are the same as PMS, so fuck. Wake up feeling tired, maybe i'm pregnant. Headaches, maybe i'm pregnant. Really hungry, maybe i'm pregnant. bloated and moody, maybe i'm pregnant. Its too early to test, and if you did break down and take a test you would just tell yourself that the reason it was negative is because you tested too early. Its absolute agony. And I just build myself up for disappointment...

Wish me luck this next week, cause i'll be pulling my hair out in anticipation.


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